BBi presents:
ImpRoVised ExpLOsiVE DevICE

BBI [ Big Bang Infinity ] presents their latest studio recording.

"ImpRoVised ExpLOsiVE DevICE" - [IED]

Performed live in the studio
the 18 minute and 40 second recording features music
that is spontaneous and experimental.

BigBangInfinity [BBI] are:
Craig Collinge on Piano
Alan Matthews on Guitar and effects
and Owen Reynolds on Keyboard and effects

Performed in one take, it is a magically transforming improvisation. The juxtaposition
of serene exotic sounds with chaotic explosions produces a
musical Giant Leap which is something to behold!!

The listener is expected to keep up
with the musical conjuring tricks surrounding them,
but they are captive as the musical battle erupts around them
and they are ultimately forced to surrender
in almost orgasmic delight

While BBI have won the musical battle
the audience is the winner of this musical war.

Now you can have the pleasure of this remarkable listening experience!!


to download
an mp3 file of the "ImpRoVised ExpLOsiVE DevICE" [ IED.mp3 - 27 MgB ]


BBI pictured during a
"Cranial resonance" experiment

BBI are [from left] Craig Collinge, Owen Reynolds
and Alan Matthews